Passion for Jesus

My team is going through a study on Song of Solomon, from the IHOP(International House of Prayer) with Mike Bickle.  Once a week we spent a time before worship and prayer, to listen to each session.  Currently we are in the introduction but soon be going verse by verse.  It has been so encouraging and refilling as a family to be going through a study together.  

This past time a statement was made, “passion for Jesus and compassion for people”, by Mike Bickle the founder of IHOP.  When I heard this it really hit a spot in my heart and even my real struggles I face daily.  He was sharing how we need to chase after Jesus individually and find our intimacy in Him alone.  Upon finding His intimacy, we are filled with Him to do His work.  Being filled up, He gives us compassion to love His children.  This compassion enables each of us to love well and stop for the one in front of us moment by moment daily.

Serving in the village for one week and pouring out the love of Jesus by chopping wood and hauling rocks.  The ladies here made us delicious food for the week, dahl bhat(traditional Nepali food).

My prayer for my own life is daily to be with Jesus in the quiet place with Him alone.  Finding personal revelation, wisdom, and direction for each day as I serve in Nepal.  Learning to do this better and better each day to find the fullness of Jesus in my own life.  In this fullness, pouring out the love of Jesus daily to each one in front of me.  Loving well by being full of intimacy with Jesus.